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“Opportunities Multiply As They Are Seized


After my first trip to Europe, years passed and I never left U.S. ground. I wanted to go, I wanted to travel, but I always made up excuses for not being able to.

Coral Gables Senior High Graduation- Natalie Ruiz

Coral Gables Senior High Graduation- Natalie Ruiz

I graduated from Coral Gables Senior High School and got ready to start my new beginning at The Florida State University. At FSU, they offered a First Year Abroad program. My mom as always, tried to convince me to go, to spend my whole freshman year in a country abroad. She has always tried to convince me to take the opportunities she was not able to have when was younger.

The excuses kept on building up. My mother’s efforts came up short, I ended up just deciding to start my freshman year like any other student. I came to FSU, knowing a handful of people, all of my close friends went to schools I should not name. I had fear. I had fear that after my first year abroad I would come here completely clueless. I let that opportunity go. Boy…Do I regret it. I had the opportunity to experience something remarkable and I never seized such chance.

“I do not regret the things I’ve done, but those I did not do.”- Rory Cochrane

A life full of regrets is not the life to live. As we grow older and mature, the opportunities we have will often change. We often are afraid of doing something different. I regret not listening to my mother now. I should have gone. But with all mistakes made, comes experience. I knew now that I would not let the opportunities to grow, to better myself, pass me by. Full of determination, I made a promise to myself that I would study abroad.

For those that know more about me, they know that my life has always revolved around sports, primarily basketball. I was a basketball junkie, there was a point in my life in which everything consisted with basketball.

Coral Gables Vs. Miami High- Natalie Ruiz

Coral Gables Vs. Miami High- Natalie Ruiz

Surrounded with sports my entire life, I figured it would be fascinating to work in the Sport Industry. One day, when chatting with a couple others the topic of study abroad came about. I came to Florida State wanting to pretty much do everything I could. I remember even trying to plan out what I would do every summer, imagining the internships I would apply to etc. I did not want to waste any time. I figured the best time for me to study abroad would be that summer transitioning between my freshman and sophomore year. As I browsed through the website, it was very difficult for me to decide on just one place to go. To be honest, I wanted to go everywhere. Suddenly, I then scrolled over this one particular program — the  Global Sport Management one in London.

Perfect Timing, Perfect Opportunity

Has it ever occurred to you that there are just some things you are destined to do? Well to me, it sure felt that way at that moment. It was the perfect timing, the perfect opportunity, because that given summer of 2012, London would host the Olympics. Exactly, the Olympics. I did not hesitate this time. As soon as I could, I applied to the program. When I received the email that stated that I was accepted to partake in such journey, I called my mom and I just cried. Tears of joy dripped down my face. Not only would I have the opportunity to travel to another country, or have the opportunity to be among an Olympic Movement, but I would have the opportunity to attend Olympic Events. That summer I did not just experience one culture, but several others.


Tower Bridge- Natalie Ruiz

Tower Bridge- Natalie Ruiz