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Ciao. Bonjour. Hola (Part 2)

Photo credit: Natalie Ruiz

Photo credit: Natalie Ruiz

‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That’

To me it seemed as if my days flew by, but to others that was not the case. Several people were feeling homesick and totally forgot that they were experiencing the opportunity of a life time. A few even wanted to go back home and demanded their parents to fly them back to U.S. ground.  Maybe it was culture shock. Maybe they felt attached to what they knew, what was comfortable to them . I really did not understand how they could feel that way though. There I was, trying to absorb as much as I could.

Since I did not feel homesick at all, I helped them cope. Sometimes it worked, while at times it did not. All I was certain of was that I was that I would not let this experience pass me by. In way it is a little strange, now that I am reflecting on it a few years later. Think about it. I was 14 years old in a continent that I had never been to before, and I was without my parents. This made me realize that I was actually pretty independent. Maybe not financially, but emotionally. It was pretty cool learning about myself.

Parlez-vous français ?


I had to  say bye (not goodbye) to Italy, for I was moving on to France. Throughout middle school, I took french. I may not have been great, but I thought I could defend myself. In France, all of us stayed with a family for a couple days. We were in the coach bus, waiting for our names to be called. It felt as if time was not moving. I waited for what seemed to be an eternity for my name to be called. Looking at the window, I gazed at other students meet and greet the families they would stay with. Finally, my name was called.

They were the most adorable human beings. A grown couple greeted me and spoke to me in english. I quickly told them I knew a little bit of french, and we conversed throughout the ride home. I befriended their family and did a few things I never saw myself doing. Nothing bad, or anything, I just experimented.

While outside one night, they led me to this box. They opened it and there they were — the escargots. At first I was hesitant, but after a few minutes passed, I opened my mind up. In the end, I ended up trying them. They were quite delicious. 

Photo credit: Natalie Ruiz

Photo credit: Natalie Ruiz

Sadly, my days with the home stay family were over. I wish I saved their address. I regret that so much, I would have loved for them to come visit me in the U.S. now. Maybe one day I will see them again.

No Language Barrier

BarcelonaToledoMadrid. I was in Spain. The last country I would visit during my adventure. I now was able to speak the language and it was nice to do so. Spain was my favorite. I immediately fell in love with Madrid in particular. The city life seemed wonderful. I people watched and looked at the city from the outside-in, and told my self one day I would look at it from the inside-out.

Photo Credit: Natalie Ruiz

Photo Credit: Natalie Ruiz

A New Beginning

My passion for traveling blossomed. Blessed and thankful for the opportunity, I knew that one day I would travel the world. Whether it be with someone or alone, nothing would stop me from experiencing they beauty of being abroad.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
― Augustine of Hippo