Branding Yourself: Social Media Tips and Guidelines

Photo Credit: Steve Koukoulas

Photo Credit: Steve Koukoulas

Aside from traveling, I really think everyone should be able to brand themselves. Today, I attended a Social Media Presentation, which had tips and guidelines one should follow.

Both Steve Kubiak, from Visit Florida, and  Matt Roush from the Florida State University  Communications Department, shared their knowledge about Social Media.

Social Media really has changed the way we communicate with others. It has allowed us to share information with people from all over the world in just a matter of seconds. It has helped us build countless of networks  with just about anyone. It has helped us bring change.  It really has changed the way most of us live.

There are many platforms available within social media. Although there are countless of users, the general public and businesses who use it at times find it difficult to use it to it’s full potential. The main reason why this is difficult is due to the fact that it is constantly changing. Therefore the number one tip before beginning the rest of the tips is… ::drum rolls:: LEARN HOW TO ADAPT TO CHANGE.

Bring on the Tips

Use Multiple Platforms

If you are responsible for the social media marketing of a company, you should definitely be active on multiple platforms. As previously stated, this world is constantly changing, and you never know when one particular platform could be ‘fatigued’, for example, Myspace.

Be Active and Encourage Others Too 

If you and your company are partnering with others, make sure they stay active by continuing to post and engage with the audience. Be sure to update your platforms with pertinent information.

Don’t Be Selfish 

Okay, it’s not all about you. In order for you to really make a difference you will have to ENGAGE your audience. Whether you are representing another identity or yourself, social media gives is one of best ways to communicate with your ‘market’ as a personality other than face-to-face interaction. People like being responded to, so take the time to really talk to them.

Be Mindful of Your Voice

What you post really can haunt you down. If you don’t believe me just take a look at these 10 People Who Lost Their Jobs Over Social Media Mistakes. Exactly, be careful.


Be connected

Join social media communities

Be sensible

Have good judgement. You are responsible for what you post

Be a leader

Be respectful

Be authentic and transparent

Share your (or whoever you are representing) personality

Be human

Own to your mistakes, it’s okay we are human, we make them

Be protective

Protect confidential information

Be fair when you share

Always give credit where it is due, remember that plagiarizing is a “no-no”

Be aware

Really make sure you know the policies and terms of the platforms you are utilizing


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