Making Sense of it All

On my way to London

On my way to London

London was calling my name. After several months of anticipation, the time had come. I hugged my mom and boarded my flight. It was a long trip over there, but we finally arrived.


We arrived to our ‘flats’ and noticed we quickly had to get used to going up flights of stairs to reach our new home. That was no big deal though, because we were finally here! I knew I was going to have an unforgettable time in which I could reflect on forever. What I did not know though, was that besides experiencing new things, how much these next 5 weeks would mean to me, and shape me.

The living room in my flat

The living room in my flat

My side of the room in the flat

My side of the room in the flat

It honestly is very hard for me to sum up all of my experiences during those 5 weeks abroad, therefore I will highlight some which were very important to me.

I’m in College – I’m Confused

Okay, let’s be honest. At one point or another (several in my case), we all have been confused about what we should major in. We tend to go back on forth, trying to decide what is we want to study while we are in college. Daunting and confusing, right? At least for me it was. I knew I had/have a passion for sports and I knew I wanted to make a difference one way or another, but that was it.

Throughout my journey several scenarios started playing in my head. Although fascinating, it was still even more confusing because again I wanted to do it all, at least that is what it seemed like.

Before the Olympics began we visited several venues, toured and examined the facilities with our class. Talk about something that is MIND BLOWING. Beautiful stadiums. We toured them and examined them. At that moment, I figured, okay I want to work in Facility Management. I want take care of the place that athletes call home.

And then, there was another event. A group of us helped out with the Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign. During that day, I kept on getting the idea of how cool it would be to plan and run such event.

Basically, each experience and situation made me desire an occupation in respective fields. In life, we all have those moments, were we think we got it all figured out (at least for those 15 minutes), but we just end up going in circles trying to figure ourselves out.

Celebrity guest: Shawn Johnson

Celebrity guest: Shawn Johnson

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium

But….What about…?

My first time going inside Olympic Park was eye opening. Not only was I in Olympic territory experiencing something that I never thought I would at my age, but I got to meet a couple strangers. While wandering inside, I saw this small group of people who I thought were Colombian. I only knew this because I heard them speak and I noticed their accent. Nonetheless, I had to make sure.

Kindly, I stopped the group and I asked them where they were from. I was right. Not only were they from Colombia, but they were actually from the Colombian Olympic Committee. Till this day, I still cannot believe I did not exchange information with them. I wanted to, I just did not think of it in the moment. It was overwhelming and I was unprepared. I had my opportunity to network with people from my country whom were involved in such great movement.

As soon as I got to my flat, I searched online for the Colombian Olympic Committee. I was looking for ways in which I could get in contact with them. I figured it woud be pretty fascinating to have a career that revolves around the Olympics. Mixing in sports, traveling, different cultures, and world movements, yeah it was the perfect fit for me.

While browsing the site I came across the World Games 2013. The great thing about opportunities is that within opportunities there are even more opportunities. The World Games is organized by the International Olympic Committee, these are games that are hosted one year after the Olympics for sports that are not in the Olympics. Coincidence or not, I found out these games will take part in Colombia, and I actually had an opportunity at being a volunteer.

It is crazy how a trip can open doors for you and guide you in what seems to be the perfect direction.

Thank you London for directing me towards my next opportunity.

Tower Bridge


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